will PSU's change performance?


Jul 9, 2005
currently, i have a 350 watt power supply on my computer and i find that to not be enough, one reason is that my case fan stops spinning usually and i sometimes have to manually spin it to get it starting. and another reason is i recently bought a new AIW x800xt 256mb.

my specs are
p4p800deluxe mobo
intel 2.6ghz processor
1.25gigs of ram
x800xt AIW 256mb

right now while playing in games like battlefield 2, i am stuck at 15-20fps, not sure why, my guess is the card isnt getting enough power, but is that the case? i do not know THAT much about computers.

and should i upgrade my PSU?
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I would venture to say you're underpowered, put your configuration in at the Load Configuring Website Link, and see what it suggests for you, I would go about 25w above that to be on the safe side.

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Jul 28, 2004
with a pc specs like urs, u definitely need to replace ur PSU with a 430W+ good make one that will supply your pc components with the voltage demanded, supplying a steady current that will add to ur pc stability AND better performance for ur X800XT