Will quad channel memory work in a dual channel motherboard


Jan 1, 2012
will 4 sticks of quad channel memory (16gb) run on a dual channel motherboard (Asus P7P55D-E PRO) and would they run on Dual channel? would reffer to buy quad channel now with regards tu upgrading in the future.
Yes to both questions. Dual, triple and quad channel memory doesn't exist; it's the motherboard/chipset that determines if 2 modules will run in dual channel, 3 modules in triple channel and 4 modules in dual or quad channel. If your motherboard supports dual channel, then 4 identical modules will run in dual channel.

In theory, a kit should contain modules that have been tested and are guaranteed to work together. I know that it's more marketing than anything else, but for the kits that you used for your example, the quad kit costs less than two dual kits.