Will raid work for sata 2 ssd and sata 3 ssd


Apr 16, 2012
Hello, l raid work for sata 2 ssd and sata 3 ssd? I did not notice that my first purchase is 160gb sata 2 ssd and the other one is 160gb sata 3ssd...I want to use raid0 and curious if it would work...what would happen if it could work?

Thank you for any inputs


Jan 15, 2012

My best guess is yes....it'll work, but they're both going to use the lower speed.
Yes, it will "work." But it will be a poor choice, in my moderately-informed opinion. You lose the TRIM command, the risk of data loss is much greater (do frequent backups that can be restored and booted). EDIT - that last side comment of mine reminded me that I meant to start a backup this morning! Gotta go do that...

If you bought them recently, I suggest that you return them and buy one 320 GB SSD. See this article: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/storage/display/kigston-hyperx-ssd-raid0_7.html#sect0 . If you can't do that, set them up as two separate drives.

But the answer to the original question is yes. You might even get a little better speed than Terryd75 suggested - something slightly over the speed of two SATA II SSDs in RAID0.