Question Will replacing my cpu and ram solve stuttering?

mhmd shoumar

Feb 11, 2015
Hi, so I had an i5-8400,16gb 2400hz (2 sticks) and 1070 ti, and 1TB HDD I used to play warzone and metro exodus but was suffering from random fps drops (micro freezes) and stutters.
People on this forum told me that this could be due to the lack of hyper threading in the i5 8400 and low speed of ram. So I decided to build a new case with an i5 12400, 16gb 3200hz (2sticks) and 1TB SSD while still using the same GTX 1070 TI. My question is whether this could solve the issue, also how much fps gains can i expect in open world and first person shooter?
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Warzone is known to have high CPU usage, so doubling the thread count will definitely help. Nobody can tell you for certain how much it will gain as it can vary system to system...
There should be some smaller gain in average FPS using a GTX1070, but a nice and noticeable gain in minimum FPS, as the 12400 is indeed much faster and is also hyperthreaded ...

Upon changing the CPU and mainboard, I would perform a full fresh install of not only the OS, but, after installing all drivers and WIndows updates, also install each game as if new,
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