Will resetting cmos fix my problem


Nov 10, 2018
So yesterday day I Oc my ram I bought one that goes at 3000mhz and out of box it ran at 2400 and after that I kept getting blue screen saying u ran in a problem and I asked my cousin y that was happen (i didn’t tell him I Oc my ram Rn) he said reinstall windows I said ok and I did and it was stuck in a loop saying unexpectedly your computer restarted press ok to try installation again and everything I pressed ok same thing so I check Microsoft and they gave me steps to fix that then after it worked every 5 mins the blue screen comes up and PC restartes and then I told my cousin I think it is bc I Oc my ram I think he was like o ok just reset cmos so my question will that fix it and should o hold cmos button or just press and release and how long should I wait before turning PC on

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