[SOLVED] Will Rtx3060 age well?


Nov 28, 2021
From youtube benchmark 3060 looks exactly same as 5700xt, now exactly at same 400 dolloar

It kinda looks stupid to buy 3060 now than 5700xt 2 yrs ago..

Its still target for 1080p 60+ fps
Can it handle 1440p? Aaa titles


The RTX3060 was released a year ago, while the 5700XT was released 2 years prior to that. Drivers maturing over time is one thing to factor in but a near 3 year old GPU will be well out of the building by now. What sort of a build do you have to work with?
If you look at performance numbers alone, I feel like you're missing the bigger picture. Because compared to the RTX 3060, the RX 5700 XT:
  • Uses more power, which means more heat
  • Lacks the following features:
    • Hardware ray tracing support, which is going to be increasingly used in the future, especially for AAA titles
    • Support for G-Sync, in addition to FreeSync
    • Support for DLSS, in addition to FSR
  • Is also older, which means support for it will drop sooner
And "can it handle AAA titles" is a vague question at best. At what performance level and quality settings?


Well, it has the same rough performance as a GTX 1080 Ti, a five year old card. So that would say it should stay somewhat relevant for at least that long. Probably won't be a game that comes out in the next five years that it won't run at a playable frame rate. 12GB of VRAM is a decent amount of memory and shouldn't cause any problems for many years yet. GPU performance is well above what I would call entry level. The RTX3050 is quite the step down, but still what I would call a high end card (somewhere around the 1070 or 1070Ti performance levels)

1080p ultra in recent games certainly. 1440p may require some lowering of settings, but still certainly playable above 60 FPS at good quality. Really depends on the game.

Really this just speaks to how the GPUs have been growing in size while the process node shrinks, which is keeping power requirements high. But if you look at the light cards like the GTX 1650 Super, that is still a lot of performance for not a lot of power compared to previous generations.

If the RTX3050 is going to be the bottom tier gaming graphics card for a while, that is a very impressive option at least to me.