Question will RX570 work with Foxconn H55MXV?

Jun 30, 2022
Hey, so I recently bought an ASRock RX570 4gb GPU, I plugged it into my motherboard and I've got an output, seemed to be working... But when I downloaded and installed the drivers.. at about 70% the screen just went black and stayed like that forever... and when I restarted the computer, the spinning circle (loading windows) got stuck and my keyboard and mouse kept disconnecting and connecting and also goes like that forever, so I booted into safe-mode, uninstalled those AMD drivers and everything is now where it began. But I obviously can't use the GPU without those drivers so I'm thinking it's a motherboard issue.

When I tried the GPU in my friends pc, it had the same problem where the screen just went black while installing drivers and stayed like that... But when we've tried to install the drivers with the GPU plugged in, using the apu from a ryzen cpu it eventually started working. But when I tried this method on my pc, the driver installator just throwed an error, not being able to recognize any GPU installed alltho it was...

I'm really desperate and don't know what to do... I really want to get this GPU to work as it's my first ever gaming GPU and as you can tell by my specs I'm really on a low budget, so I'm not really planning on buying a new motherboard... but I will be very thankful for any suggestions or help :)

Things I tried:
Restarting the bios (removed the cmos battery for like 20 seconds...)
Using many different versions of drivers.
Using different pc.

My pc specs:
mobo: Foxconn H55MXV
cpu: i5 660
gpu: RX570
psu: SilentiumPC Elementum E2 450w
Windows 10 on an ssd.
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