Will Samsung 830 fit my laptop?

Ref: M4 vs Samsung. In real life performance, only a nickels worth of difference, IF that much.
Have 2 128 gig m4s, 1 Samsung 830, and 2 Agillity IIIs.


Apr 3, 2012
It will be fine, I installed one into my friends laptop and it went a treat. For some laptops you will need a very thin metal bracket (but this comes in the box when you buy the drive)


Just to add, I believe the piece beefybish is referring to only ships with the laptop upgrade kit, its not part of the desktop or just plain drive package which makes sense just wanted to note it so you ordered the proper one.
From the picts, looks like that it does not come with any additional hardware.

.. Don't forget that usable size will be around 55 Gigs. You lose about 4 gigs of the top because manuf use base 10 and computers use base 2. (this is the same for HDD). Also Can only use a max of 90 %, you must leave a MIN of 10 % unused.
You will need to:
.. Disable hibernation (saves about 6 Gigs)
.. Manage the page file (virtual memory). Set Min and max to the SAME value, try 1024 mb. Saves approx 4->5 gigs.
.. Disable (or Limit the size) restore points. This can grow to a rather large size if you don't.

While a 60/64 gig is the min for a desktop, My recommendation for laptops, with a single drive bay, is 80+ gigs.
Reason is you can do the following, which you can not on a single bay laptop.
.. Move My docs and Internet, and downloads to the HDD.
.. With a desktop you can move the page file to the HDD.
.. As time passes, you will have to monitor the the used space much more closely.
Yes, the version you are looking at is the MZ-7PC064B/WW, where B means Bare Drive.
Unfortunately, the only other option that Newegg ships is the MZ-7PC064D/AM version, which is targeted for Desktops.
i just checked on Samsung's Site, and it looks like the Notebook kit is only offered with their 128GB and 256GB drives :/

Really though, I am not sure if this is such a major concern.
If it where my setup, I would just make my own 2.5mm spacer out of an old anti-static bag, electrical tape or something else that is nonconducting.
Really, it is not like the spacer serves any purpose other than stopping the drive from moving within the cage...


Nov 20, 2011
Yeah I may just buy the Crucial M4 64GB, its $15 cheaper and I know it will fit. 64GB is cutting it close, but the laptop will only be for surfing the net and word processing. I may possibly spend a bit more and get a 120GB Sandforce drive, those are around $1/GB.

I also entertained the idea of taking out the DVDRW and putting the current 320GB HD there maybe.


Nov 20, 2011

Also my laptop is SATA II, so I might as well save some bucks and get the M4.