[SOLVED] will SSD make this machine faster


Aug 6, 2010
Dell latitude win 7 64 bit I5 4310 M with 8 gigs ram

500gig HDD installed with 200 gigs free and windows manages the virtual memory. Im’ a friend with online shopping and the other nite I only had firefox open and 2 tabs on it. No other programs running. The lag was insufferable with it locking up before going on. The specs indicate it should not be lagging this much id think? Firefox fully updated as well. The cpu is only 4 years old which I don’t think is too awful. Normally she has JAWS on (she’s blind and that’s a reading program) but I turned it off and verified in task manager it was off. But even with that program running 8 gigs should be more than enough don’t you think?. Just for browser and outlook open is her norm.

So the question is, will SSD definitely give me a faster (meaning things wont lock up so much) machine. Gut says yes. I hope.

if you dont think SSD will help then any ideas what to do?
Totally dependant on what was causing the bottleneck in the first place. Which could be HDD, RAM, CPU - but more likely RAM or HDD.

An SSD will undoubtedly still give better responsiveness - but not necessarily make apps like firefox operate any better - simply load up quicker. But even so, if the bottleneck during the slowdown was your RAM or CPU, then you will still get the freezes regardless.

Equally, you would sooner look at what background processes are running during this to see what might be hogging resources first. Also check temperatures of components just to be sure you're not overheating anything.
Nov 27, 2018
When was the last time Windows 7 was clean installed? And like PC Tailor said, while SSD will definitely give you a performance boost, you need to find the true cause of the bottleneck.