Question will switching in and out of remote desktop while playing video hinder full screen playback?


Mar 4, 2010
goal: to play 4k video on tv/monitor in bedroom


1) desktop computer in the first floor family room, soon to be capable of 4k video playback via an upgraded card. additional info, running i7 processor and 8gb ram, 256GB SSD, running windows 10 pro.

2) laptop in 2nd floor bedroom, connected to tv/monitor on wall via hdmi cable. this laptop CANNOT play 4k video otherwise we wouldn't have this problem :)

plan: to login to the desktop pc via 'remote desktop' from the laptop while utilizing hmdi port 1 of TV. once there, select and play 4k video. once playing, close out of remote desktop (video should continue to play). then access desktop pc monitor feed via tv/monitor hdmi port 2.

thereby, playing 4k video from desktop to tv/monitor and wife is a happy camper.

question before I purchase cables and new video card: will all this switching in and out, back and forth cause video to crash and/or ruin playback, or default to non maximized full screen? I know how touchy windows can be and I wouldn't be surprised if some dumb glitch causes this process to fail.

additional notations: 4k video card upgrade for desktop pc + 50 ft. cable = $97, totally within my budget. (tnx newegg)

alternative option: purchase new 4k playback capable laptop for $975 (cheapest option). this is out of budget, although I must admit the easier alternative.

will it work? :)
  1. RDP is software, is has nothing to do with HDMI / VGA ports.
  2. RDP does not give you second monitor and keyboard. Once you RDP into the desktop, your wife will see login screen. Once you close RDP session, you will have to re-login on the desktop.
  3. RDP is not instantaneous. I doubt you can do any FPS / race gaming over RDP, even with 1Gbit connection.
You'd be better spending these $100 on some streaming device, if you still want to RDP thru the laptop.

And last but not least: Does it really matter whether the dragon you're gonna kill is rendered in 4k or 2k?