[SOLVED] Will switching to ethernet connection really make a difference?


Nov 11, 2020
My current internet plan provides 100mbps DOWNLOAD connection and 20 mbps UPLOAD connection

When I do an internet speed test using the WiFi, I max out exactly on those speeds; I get 100+mbps download connection and 20mbps upload connection

I know that ethernet connection is faster than WiFi, but will it make a difference if I used ethernet over WiFi if my connection already maxes out the indicated speeds for my internet plan when using WiFi?

I do notice "ping spikes" when I play games. What I mean is, sometimes my connection would drop suddenly.... so my question is whether a wired ethernet connection will help provide a better connection, despite already maxing out its speeds?
Wifi is prone to external interference. Somebody turns on microwave oven nearby, this can impact wifi connectivity.
Wired ethernet will not suffer from anything like that.
Games don't care about bandwidth. Most use well under 1mbps up and down. What they do want is extremely consistent latency with little to no data loss. Speedtest is a file download. Some tiny amount of data loss or some change in latency has almost no impact on something as large as a file transfer.
This is one of those fundamental things about how wifi work. Unless you have a perfect wifi signal ethernet will always be better for online games. It is not the speed it is the quality of the data.
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