Question Will the Ampere 3000 series be enough for the 1k to 2k price range?

Turtle Rig

Jun 23, 2020
I have read in a few places where nVidia states the 3080Ti will be 30 percent faster then the 2080Ti give or take. That means if your playing at 4k which you shouldn't if you have a high refresh display then if you were getting 60FPS with the 2080Ti then with the 3080Ti you will get 90FPS to 100FPS which is still not enough for the serious gamer. As the serious gamer wants 144FPS or more on all AAA titles. I know the card is going to cost near 2k while the other varients 3070 etc will be 1k or so. Is this worth it for 30FPS or 40FPS more? I already enable all nVidia panel settings and all AA methods and everything set to high quality and max settings while in game I set to highest settings and playing Quake Champions I get avg 160FPS with dips to 100FPS being rare. Because of the AA and MSAA etc methods and 2k resolution I see no jaggies and its smooth as butter. I think 4k gaming is not there yet unless maybe you use a Titan or something. Im good for 5 years at least as the gaming industry isn't doing anything special except for Ray Tracing which is rare and I don't care about. I think these new cards are for people coming from older graphics cards and 10xx series cards. What do you all think. Will the 3080Ti be the 2080Ti killer or just another nVidia cash cow and what not? Thank you 😏
Nvidia is not messing around this year, since big navi is rumoured to be quite a big leap for AMD.

they never stated 30% more performance, those are the rumors, which some of them say its up to 50% better.

Since next gen will probably not have a 16XX series, and all RTX with no GTX they have only 2 options
Make more Sques like a 3040, 3050, 3050 ti, 3060, 3060 ti
to fill the gap of the 16XX cards, while not leaving a void in the 300-500$ range which AMD really likes.


They lower prices for all sques, and bring prices back to 10XX series and before.
Around 100 for 3050, 180 for 3050 ti, 250 for 3060, 400 for 3070, 500 for 3080 and 700 for 3080 ti.
As above the rumours are varied, I’ve seen claims the 3080 (non Ti) will be significantly faster than the 2080Ti in non Ray Tracing games and that for Ray Tracing games the leap will be even greater. However we just won’t know until it releases. I did get the email from NVidia about their event on 1st Sept and it states “celebrating the biggest breakthroughs in PC Gaming since 1999.” That is one bold statement, I hope they can back it up.

RTX 2080

Jun 8, 2020
I'm looking forward to when these GPUs actually release. Then I can have a good laugh at everyone who decided they knew in advance how expensive and how fast Ampere will be. So many opinions have already been drawn based on rumors and conjecture.