Question Will the Antec VP700P be enough for this setup?

Mar 14, 2019
So, hi guys.
Recently I've bought an RX 580 4GB Nitro+ version and it blew 2 of my PSU's under not so high load... The PSU's in questions were the Gigatech 630w that held for about 6 hours and one from MS that is rated for about 550w which died faster than the Gigatech one, 2 hours to be precise.
Later did some research about this problem so I could avoid damaging more PSU's in the future I stumbled upon some thread that the card requires about 35a on a 12v rail, which none of my old PSU's had. They had like 18-25ish.
With that in mind I bought a PSU from Antec, VP700P which is rated for 700w and has 2x 35a on 2 12v rails. It is currently hooked up and I avoid putting load on it out of shear paranoia and fear that it will fail and die.
So my question is - Is it safe to go full load with this PSU and GPU combo?
Also, here are my full specs:

i5 3570k
P8H61-M LE/USB3 mobo
8gb ddr3 1333
2x200GB HDD
3xVentilation fans
Mouse and a keyboard
Mar 14, 2019
Not the greatest in terms of quality , but plenty of power for that setup.
It can safely power it.
Well, I only hope it stays alive till I get a really good one with room for future upgrades.

MS is garbage, it used to be decent for office builds.
It was from one of my pc that was prebuilt. I used it in the living room just for watching movies and youtube.
Also the gigatech one is garbage too, I forgot to mention that the coil whine on that one was immense.
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