Question Will the following motherboard fit into the following case? (Links in description)


So, I bought this case, and realized I needed a new motherboard- I found this one, and it looks good- would all the pins match up? e.g. would the power button up top actually turn the PC on? Thanks :)
That is a very tiny motherboard to use in such a large case, it will look really funny installed with that clear side panel. If you can I would exchange the case for one that would match the motherboard size a bit better, something like this

You have a bunch of threads about upgrading some Lenovo system, what exactly are your plans here? You will need a different power supply also since the Lenovo PSU in the system you have does not have a standard ATX power connection on it for this motherboard.

You may want to pause a bit and think about what you want to do here before you go around buying parts that will end up not working well together and basically wasting money on dead end products.

You can buy a full newer used system for not too much, maybe with a much newer Intel CPU or a Ryzen setup, maybe a good idea to look at things more instead of getting some upgrade idea in your head then going in 4 different directions with it.
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