Question Will the i5-9600k be able to stream 720p60fps?

Feb 24, 2020
So I currently have a Ryzen 9 3900x with an RTX 2080 Super, and I play csgo competitively on a 240hz monitor, however my second monitor is 60hz for the chat, but when I stream and I have my second monitor running my main monitor’s refresh rate drops from 240 Hz to 60 Hz and I play the game competitively so it gets unplayable on 60 Hz and I happen to have an I5 9600 K CPU and I was considering building a computer including that CPU with no graphics card to try and make it a streaming computer on the CPU encoder cause it would be cheap and I’ll use the 60hz monitor on it, but will the CPU be powerful enough to handle 720p 60fps, or would it be better for me to sell the 60hz monitor and the i5 cpu to buy another 240hz monitor so that my refresh rate on my main monitor wont drop? one more thing to mention is that I am going to buy the 360 Hz monitor once it releases to the market so if I bought another 240 Hz monitor, once I get the 360 Hz monitor it will drop to 240 when I’m running at 240 Hz monitor as my second one which is why id rather keep a seperate pc



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