Will the i7-6700k Bottleneck the RTX 2080Ti in 4K?

There is no such thing as "bottlenecking"
If, by that, you mean that upgrading a cpu or graphics card can
somehow lower your performance or FPS.
A better term might be limiting factor.
That is where adding more cpu or gpu becomes increasingly
less effective.

In your case, how well you do will depend on how cpu limited your games are.
If you play fast action games that are graphics limited, you will do well.

My suggestion is to buy your 4k monitor first and then see how you do.
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If you question the frame rate your CPU can handle you can test it now. Drop all your settings in any given game as low as the go and same for the resolution. Make your CPU the bottle so to speak. Anyways what ever that frame rate is you CPU should be able to handle it at any resolution assuming the GPU, RTX 2080Ti in your case, is up to snuff. If your CPU's max frame rate doesn't look "good" enough for the RTX 2080Ti you may consider an upgrade though I would wait til PCIe 4.0 drops. It is what I am doing.