Question Will the Mugen 5 fit into max 155mm Thermaltake versa c23 tg?


Aug 4, 2018
This case is really weird. You can only install a 155mm cpu cooler which is very low.
According to some folks and statistics, the mugen 5 is the best low price/low height cooler. <-- Noctua might be better but is taller and more expensive.

The issue is that it's 155mm tall, so now I have to wonder whether the thermaltake versa c23 will even have enough offset/buffer room to close the glass panel.

Here's the case's manual:

Here's the case spec page:

Plan: Mugen 5 on a Ryzen 5 1600 (Msi b350 mainboard, rtx 2060).

There are 2 used Mugen 5's online, one is the PCGH Edition and the other is a non-pcgh edition/standard one. The pricing ranges from 12 to 20€, in my eyes exceptionally cheap for the cooling potential in comparison to stock wrath cooler.

Somewhat of a TL;DR/PS: I am planning to replace the AMD 5 1600 cooler with the mugen 5 to reduce temps, increase OC potential (I reach max. 81C on stock in CineBench for the full test, meanwhile on 3.6Ghz OC the cpu cooks at least at 86C after just 30s [where I manually stop the test for safety reasons]. The idle temps are also horrible/too high in the 50's).
I also want to use the Mugen 5 on a Ryzen 9 5900X in the future. <-- I suppose stock amd cooler is still worse than Mugen 5.

Or is a 240mm AIO the better option here?
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