Question Will the Noctua NH-D15 fit with the GPU and RAM?

It depends:
a) Does your case have 165mm available height? FWIW the NH-D15s only needs 160mm.
b) Noctua has extensive compatibility tables.
Here is the one for your motherboard; you are ok there: Gaming Plus-4294
c) What is your ram? some ram with tall heat spreaders will be impacted.
Using the front fan, you will be limited to 32mm; without to 64mm.
The NH-D15s is a high compatibility version designed for one fan and will fit 165mm: will fit
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I have no idea, but a FUMA 2 will and save you money lol. Love noctua, but not worth the price over the fuma 2.
That price premium is a reflection of product quality, as well as the company's confidence in said product. Longer warranties aren't free; that's an expense on the company too.
Users are likely to go through more failed Kaze fans than A15 fans - there goes the initial savings.

For some, that price premium is worth it.