Question Will the noctua nh d15 fit ?

White HurricaneZZ

Sep 3, 2019
Im currently running an i7 9700k on a masterliquid 120 lite and i need to upgrade
As the temps are very high.
I have 2 options either a noctua nh d15 or a masterliquid ML240L v2 or a noctua nh d15
Only issue is if the noctua will fit in my case
There both around the same price range here

Case: Masterbox lite ARGB(coolermaster)
Gpu:rtx 2080ti ( pretty fat gpu )
Ram: 32gb 3000mhz corsair vengeance pro rgb
I know my pc is quite dusty i already cleaned it today lol

I only care about widht in this case as i live in turkey and weather is quite hot, so height doesnt bother me

Any help is much appreciated


Hi thanks , im not bothered about height since i keep my case open . Its the width i have to figure out
Given the proximity of your RAM slots (and not having exact measurements), I would still say, no. I would note that keeping the case open is often detrimental to cooling the system. The case is designed for air flow through the case to keep your components cool and having the case cover off interferes with that.

-Wolf sends


If you always keep you chassis open, then you don't really need a NH-D15.

The real problem here is not being able to get a reasonable amount of air in and out:
You put 2 high power parts - a potential 200w cpu and a 300w+ gpu - in a stuffy, hot box of a chassis - that darn Masterbox Lite 5, right? There's no top fan/rad support, and front intake is choked off, even with those 3 fans there.

The only thing the hot climate affects is idle thermals. It does next to nothing to load thermals.

Yeah, it'll fit. If need be, don't put the front fan on if you don't want it sitting over the ram.