Question Will the Noctua U-12S SE-AM4 have enough RAM clearance for Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro?

Nov 8, 2018
What it says on the tin. As far as I can see on basic searching on Google even though the Corsair Vengeance Pro (to be specific the 16GB [2X8GB] DDR4 3000MHZ C15 black one) has a higher height than other RAM sticks, Noctua's U12S SE-AM4's size should still have enough clearance as long as I use a single fan on it (or even two but I will stick to one for now). Just wanting to confirm if anyone has experienced something preventing installation from being a success.

I am only seeking parts so far so I don't physically have them to test, just want to prevent having issues down the line. (P.S. I plan on using the B450M Mortar as the motherboard, which should also have space for the cooler too, just double-checking). Thanks in advance.