Question Will the ryzen 2000 series CPU's prices drop with the release of the 3000 series?

Mar 9, 2019
I was planning on building a gaming pc with a ryzen 5 2600 and I was wondering if the prices would drop with the release of the new cpu's so I could know if I should wait.
Likely they will, as it happened when 2nd Gen launched to clear out inventory. How much is up to AMD, but unsure of timing. Rumors point to a mid-year launch of 3000 series, so you could be waiting a while to get the savings.
Mar 9, 2019
Ok thank you, i think i will wait for them to come out. i am on a very tight budget so that's still more money i can use to get better ram or a better ssd/hdd.
Makes sense and I can understand your reasoning. The savings could help with the other costs for the build. Ryzen does indeed benefit from faster RAM, especially at 1080P gaming. This is at least partially tied to the fact the Infinity Fabric runs at 1/2 speed of the DRAM speed. There is a nice boost at say 3000 Mhz memory speed vs 2133, 2400 for example.

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normally the price drops a little bit for a little while.

then once stock drops the price goes back up as supplies are now limited. look back at 1st gen ryzen prices. they are barely lower than ryzen 2 now and going up. simple supply and demand, once they stop making them and stocks go down, the price will go up to match decreased supply.

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Yes they will but not immediately. Once the 3000 series CPUs are in solid supply (month or two after release) you will see some REALLY good deals on them, especially in bundles at places like Microcenter. I'm talking about half price, it did happen with the 1000 series ones. However this is usually a month or two period tops, you need to be ready to strike (buy) while the iron is hot, otherwise you'll end up with nothing. Eventually the stocks run out and thats it. You just have to sit there and watch the prices, daily.


Granted you want to save money, I get that.
But by the time the 3000 is released in July, you should have saved up quite a bit more money, since it is 4 months away until the rumoured release.
DRAM is dying a death, finally and getting down to normal prices, the same can be said for SSDs as well.
So if you spent $1000 today, that same system components would be probably $750 in 4 months, if not less.
Prices on components bought new will always give you better price/performance
Otherwise, there is no point in bringing out a new product.

Prices new on previous generation products often do not drop from the manufacturer, but shops with old inventory do have an incentive to lower their margin to move out old/obsolete inventory.

But, if you wait for the next best thing, you will wait forever.
If you have a need now, buy what you need now.

If you are on such a tight budget, consider buying used.