Aug 16, 2011
not sure if this is in the right sectyion?

basicly i am building a new pc - not my first and probs not my last however i am pretty new toithis as this will be my second full system build.

nows i have been recomended a mother board to take my intel i5 2500K and some one has recomende this for the GPU 2Gb RADEON HD 6950 PCI-E.

now to my understanding radeon is AMD but yet i am not sure if it will work with the mobo and chip

any comments.

Andy (t4n6o)
Hello t4n60;

AMD HD 6950 is a great graphics card. Best Graphics Cards For The Money: August 2011
And the Core i5-2500K is an awesome choice of gaming CPU: Best Gaming CPUs For The Money: July 2011
August edition out soon and will still have the 2500K in the top spot.

No problems using AMD graphics cards in motherboards with Intel CPUs.
Does your motherboard options support CrossfireX? That's the only think you want to be sure about.

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