Will this be enough for my new PC?

Yea vrumor is correct. That PSU would handle it but.... I always want some headroom when it comes to power supplys. Try to avoid getting the Minimum for a computer. get something that can handle the job without running maximum all the time
Wattage rating is fine, But I would concur with vrunor, I'd look for a PSU that is in the top two tiers. If you notice the 1/2 egg ratings (yor link) are rather poor (28% - But only has 19 reviews).

On the Corsair PSUs, caution do not recommend the CS series, look for the TX or TH, followed by the GS.

On PSU power, Your system probably < 355 Watts so 550W is fine. Unless you plan on Xfiring w/2 GPUs then recommend a quality 650->750 Watt PSU. Xfire 2 7970's is around 550 Watts:

From Guru: Quote (Note 355 Watts is for their Sytem not just the GPU, and they state the avg user could be 50 less)
Measured power consumption
... System in IDLE = 163W
... System Wattage with GPU in FULL Stress = 355W


May 5, 2012

The answer to your original question, yes it would work. However like some mentioned if you are building a high end machine like that please don't skimp on the PSU.

If you never plan to crossfire this would serve you very well:




Apr 25, 2012
OCZ owns one of the better PSU manus on the market, I don't think they are having a problem with rebadings any longer. Power PC and Cooling is a decent product.