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Build Advice Will this build be compatible?


Aug 13, 2015
Hello, first of all this is my first real full build. I did some hardware changes before on my existing PC like changing the GPU, CPU, RAM and some smaller changes, but this will be my first time making my own build from scratch.

Second, I am planning to get mostly new parts but I am going to look for some used options for things like the GPU and RAM if the price differs a lot.

Third, I am not going to build it right away (hopeful to finish it in like 3-5 months), I am planning on getting part by part, like getting a new case and PSU to put my existing components in since the ones I have right now are pretty bad and after that I will put a new GPU in there since the current build is compatible.

New Build:
Case: LC POWER 994B Vitreous (I know it's not anything fancy but it will do the job), if you know one that is better in a similar price range, please tell me (60$-70$)

PSU: Seasonic SSR-550GB3 (From what I understand Seasonic is a good brand to pick, so for the price I think it will be good enough(75$))

Motherboard: Honestly haven't picked one yet, planning on getting one that has an AM4 slot for the CPU and DDR4 memory slots for RAM and of course one that fits in the case (I don't know what else I should look for except for maybe the connectors for the peripherals), Edit: (Maybe Gigabyte B450M GAMING?)

CPU: Ryzen 3 2300X (If I find it, it's quite rare here in shops) if I don't find it than Ryzen 3 2200G (or another if I find it in the similar price points)

GPU: Probably going to be Rx 580 8Gb (used from a good seller)

RAM: 2x4GB so 8 GB to make use of the dual channel.

HDD: I already have, so I will just put the old one until I get an SSD for windows.

And that should be all, I can't really think of anything else.
From my perspective this build should be compatible, but I am not sure that's why I am asking you guys.
Thank you in advance!

P.S - Reason for change is just wanting a better PC for 1080p gaming.
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