Jun 27, 2009
I have a new PC (laptop) coming in the mail in a few days from HP.
I was wondering if these specs are enough to play bf3 on low/medium settings

Price: $556 (I got a pretty decent deal on it)
AMD Quad-Core A8-3550MX 2.7Ghz/2.0GHz, 4MB cache
AMD Radeon HD 7690M (1gb GDDR5) discrete
6GB DDR3 ram
640 gb 5400rpm hard drive

I will be playing the game in the laptop's native resolution (1366x768) and in another monitor (1920x1080).
What would be the best resolution to play this game at 30fps?

I looked at the reviews for the graphics card from notebookcheck, it looks like the card isn't absolutely terrible, and should be enough to play the game on low settings. What do you guys think in combination with the rest of the specs?

its not terrible it will run most games at medium and some at high bf3 multiplayer your looking at low but at full screen rez which still looks pretty good.. it will play slightly beter at the lower res as it will give more fps due to less demanding screen size but it wont be a huge difference, maybe 5-7 fps maybe more maybe less. if you casn get 60 fps then woohoo. but more likely your gonna be in the 30-45 ballpark.