Will this build run well with 1080p 144hz Gaming?


Sep 15, 2012
Change to a 2x4GB RAM kit. This will enable your RAM to operate in dual-channel mode, which will get you more performance out of your RAM.

I also recommend that you use at minimum 240GB SSD for Windows + a few games. 120GB is too small to use as primary storage.

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Feb 14, 2016
change your 212 evo cpu cooler for a CRYORIG H7 as it is a bit better, and for around the same price. (search it on pc part picker and look at the reviews on it there)
You went all out on the CPU and GFX card but skimped on everything else.

1. Most glaring is the $93 on storage. Not much will fit on the 120 GB SSD or even a 240.... and if it ain't on the SSD, it won't benefit from SSD speeds. For a few bucks less you can get an SSHD whch is a HD w/ small SSD built in and twice the size of what you have chosen.


SSD boots windows in 15.6 seconds
SSHD boots in 16.5 seconds

I doubt you will notice. Compare the WD Blue (or even the Bllack) and the SSHD here:

2. The 980 is pretty much the red headed stepchild of the 9xx line... since the Ti came out, it's very hard to recommend the 980 when it sits between the 970 and 980 Ti. Here's the relative performance per dollar of nvidias lineup at the hi end.

970 - 3.97
970 SLI - 3.48
980 - 2.97
980 SLI - 2.60
980 Ti - 2.53
980 Ti SLI - 2.21

3. If you can't extend the budget for a 980 Ti, I think the 970 makes better sense given the sacrifices you made elsewhere to ht this budget. One 970 is 90% as fast as a 980 and two 970s are 50% faster than a 980 ... buying one now for $310 puts $165 back in ya budget ... when pascal drops you can buy a 2nd on the cheap. Also consider that if ya even bought two 970s now for $620... you could get $60 that back by selling ya free game coupon to a buddy, dropping those cost to $560..... that's a 50% speed increase for just $85 ... but again, recommended you do that down the road.... f you need the money for better components elsewhere... but with a few changes, I think you can keep the 980 and still meet budget while getting significant upgrades in quality and performance.

However, 80 fps at max settings on titles like GTAV and Witcher 3 (44 fps - 55 OC'd ) is not happening with a 980. You'll need twin 970s (67 fps - 77 OC'd) or a 980 Ti (53 fps - 69 OC'd) to get close


4. Your MoBo dread ends you because you can't upgrade to SLI... a 2nd card in SLI can extend system life by 18-24 months. It also sticks you with ALC892 whereas the standard for gaming is ALC1150. The GA-Z170-HD3P is $99 and solves both issues.

5. If ya want cheap memory, ya at least want a 2 x 4GB tho while 8Gb was considered enough in 2010, that is less true now and games like GTAV and Witcher3 do better with 16 GB. I'd invest $20 here

6. The 200R is a very small case... with not very good air circulation... the 500R is a great case but everything below that I can't recommend the Pro M for $79 ... in a rather cool green metal color

7. The G1 PSU is not that well reviewed, the B2 is and its $21 cheaper in a SLI capable 750 watter

In summary ...

Storage change saves you $4 and overall will be much faster
MoBo change costs you $16 and is a wold of improvement w/ better audio and SLI capability
Bumping to 16 GB costs you $20 getting you longevity and better performance in todays AAA games
Case change costs you $34 getting you better cooling, cable management and SLI capability
PSU change gets you $21 for a better PSI with more power and SLI capability (970s)

Overall, keeping then 980 and making all those changes costs you $45 ... putting you just $22 over ya $1400 budget

Switching to the better MSi or Gigabyte 980s erases the $23 and gets you on budget


MSI one has a Free Game & Gaming Mouse Pad w/ purchase

But there is a special on the Gigabyte card which brings it down to $412 ... saving you $77 bring inbg yu down to $1350 total cost or allowing a better CPU cooler
+ 10% off w/ promo code EMCEHFM22, ends 3/24

Cooler is $50 more than yours and will net you another 7-10C


Feb 14, 2016
Personally I don't think you should get the 980. It just isn't worth it for the money and how it performs compared to the 970 and 980 ti. You'd be much better getting a 980 ti if you can. If it is too much then maybe get one gtx 970 which is still really good, then when you have the money buy another gtx 970. Two gtx 970 generally seem to perform a bit better than one 980 ti for around the same cost. Just make sure your motherboard supports SLI. If you are patient then maybe just save up your money and get the 980 ti.