Build Advice Will this build work?

Nov 13, 2019
I have bought a bunch of parts for a pc that I’m building, and I’m starting to question whether anything will work, here’s what I got.
Corsair 220t case
1060 6gb G1 gaming graphics card
Tforce delta 2x8gb rgb ram
MSi H-310M arctic gaming motherboard
Evga Br500 power supply
I5 9400 processor
Wblue 1tb hard drive

I’m afraid that I’ve spent this much money and it won’t work. Please help.
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PC Tailor

Welcome to the forums my friend!

Unfortunately it's quite difficult when you've already bought it.

But my initial thoughts without going too into it being as you've already bought it:
  • The PSU from my awareness is poor quality, and not one I would use in a gaming system especially, the last thing you should never go cheap on is the PSU (see this guide here: Top (not as obvious) mistakes made when selecting parts for a Custom PC. ) It will work, but it's not a good quality PSU from my recollection - so just something you need to consider/
  • An upgrade/additional SSD would be a great performance boost for you in the future.
However what might be an issue:
  • The H310M chipset requires a BIOS update prior to taking the 9400. It requires - so you'll need to make sure that it ships with a later BIOS. You can contact the reseller for this.