Question Will this computer game smoothly?

I'd be surprised if such a thin solution can cope with the heat from a sustained gaming load, truthfully.

Get a $300 APU- based laptop for work/portability, and a real desktop for gaming...(IMO, most laptops for gaming lead to way too many complaints about folks' laptops throttling /stuttering after 5 minutes when gaming)
I expect that it will game with some competence. The mobile 1650 isn't a bad GPU, but it isn't a maxed out 1080p gaming GPU either. You can expect good performance at medium settings at 1080p. The good thing is that the GTX 1650 shouldn't be super hot running either.

The CPU is a potential... thing. Yeah, it is probably going to get hot. However, even at base clocks it will be able to feed the GTX 1650 all the frames it can handle, so you'll have a warm computer, but still a good gaming experience.