Question Will this cooler do the job?


Aug 26, 2015
If you have an Intel cooler, then the Hyper H410R is better and will allow some overclocking.
Depending how high you want to OC you might need a better cooler.
Does your motherboard allows OCing?
Yes mobo supports OCing. Stock is 2.6ghz, I was thinking to oc till 3.5-.7ghz.


Pushing your luck. The x3450 is still a 4c/8t 95w cpu, intrinsically no different to any other pre-coffeelake i7. If it was a 4c/4t cpu, I'd say ok, but decent OC on 4c/8t is going to require something beefier than a stock cooler-budget replacement. Will it do the job, yes. Will it hate you for it, yes and you will not be happy with its temps either.


Really not much different. You are trading up a 130w cooler for a 140w cooler.

There's a very simple rule to OC when it comes to cooling. Go big or go home. You cannot over cool, over kill, or over spend when it comes to cooling when over clocking.

Generally, expect that when running OC values of @ 1GHz or so above stock, you'll need a cpu cooler 2x TDP or better for a 4/8 cpu. You should be looking at the Cryorig H5, Noctua NH-D14, Dark Rock 3/4 or any 240mm AIO. Or better.

What is trying to be done with the Hypers is like using Goodwill flip-flops and trading up to brand new Walmart flip-flops. And trying to run a 5k in them. Spend the money and buy sneakers. Or don't run.

Overall the Hyper H410R is what we expect from a budget Air cooler; it is an excellent replacement for stock cooler giving better temp and noise level. No one expected to use it with a $300 overclockable CPU, but for those who buy an entry-level CPU or APU and don’t keen to overclock much, it’s a perfect choice. As you can see from our test, Hyper H410R can even cool a stock Core i7 8700K without screaming like a jet engine. Though, we would not recommend it if have a chip like that because there is no cooling headroom left even without any overclocking
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