Question Will this cooling setup work?


May 4, 2015
Hi all.

I'm looking to build a PC soon and this is the cooling setup I intend on having:

The case will be NZXT h210i which comes with the RGB/Fan smart device which supports 3 fans.

I plan on having; 1 Rear Exhaust, 1 Top Exhaust, 2 Front Intake, be quiet! Dark Rock 4 for the CPU. The Motherboard I'm looking at currently (Aorus Pro WIFI x570-i) has one CPU Fan header, 1 Sysfan Header and 1 USB 2.0 Header. As far as I'm aware the case smart device plugs into the USB header.

So the way I would have it set up is: the top and back exhaust fans into a fan splitter which then takes one of the three headers on the smart device. The Front two intake will take up the other two fan headers on the smart device, and the CPU fan (Dark Rock 4) will take the CPU-Fan header on the motherboard. I will also have an internal USB hub by NZXT for anything else I will need that requires USB headers.

The Fan splitter I'm looking at is:

So will this setup work or am I missing something ? I haven't built a PC in a long time so I'm a bit rusty. Any feedback is appreciated.