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Question Will this CPU bottleneck a RTX card?

Yes, it would bottleneck in modern games. That's 2013 Ivy Bridge CPU. Had same CPU myself back awhile. Things have come along quite a bit in IPC, frequency, as well as Core/Thread count since then. Your CPU is 4 core/4thread which in AAA titles and those utilizing Ray-Tracing technology, you will be limiting your performance.


Oct 13, 2019
Yes, it will. By a lot. From 30% to 60% depending on game at 1080p.

Even a RX570 is bottlenecked by a 4/4 Sandry Bridge/Ivy Bridge. Specially at stock. I had a Core i5 2500k@4.4Ghz until last month and mine RX470 was subutilized by 30% at some games. Very few I had 100% GPU usage.

You should only buy a RTX card if you're planning to buy a new RIG (at least Ryzen 1600/2600+B350+2666Mhz). If you're not, stick with a RX570 or the new RX5500 knowing that you will have a bottleneck already.
Coffee Lake, Coffee Lake Refresh, and the newer AMD Ryzen platform, namely the newest Zen 2 3000 series are all great choices in modern games. Shouldn't bebottleneck in any modern title if you stick with models 6-core/12-thread or 8 cores. Plenty of speed for now and down the road. All depends on budget and your specific needs, as all these require a total platform overhaul.
Jan 22, 2019
Yeah any thing with more than 4c 8T ryzen 2nd gen would be preferred over 1st. I personally am running an i7 2600k at 4.9 ghz, I'm planning to upgrade to ryzen within a week or 2
No, it doesn't have to be an i7. Technically, modern i5s are 6-core. That said, Ryzen is really taking off in the price/performance ratio and are a great value at pretty much all the price points. Having both modern Intel and Ryzen, I can vouch for both being great choices whichever path you take. I would avoid a 4-core or even 4-core/8-thread if buying brand new. They are showing their age these days in demanding games and other software capable of utilizing more cores.