Will this CPU bottleneck GPUs? Help!



hi, I'm planning on buying a PC from HP and was considering a model with a AMD FX-6120 six-core processor (3.6GHz), 8gig ra, 600w. Would the FX-6120 bottleneck decent GPUs? (I intend on switching out graphics for gaming). For an extra $200, I am also considering a model with a i7-3770 quad-core processor. I know its much less bang for my buck, but what do you guys recommend for gaming? Both have 8gig ram and 600w.

What GPUs are we talking about? And yes, at certain resolutions, in certain games, it absolutely will. But probably not any GPUs that are going to be offered in a pre-built from HP.

As far as gaming, you don't need an i7. An i5 is enough, use the extra money you saved on not getting an i7 and put that into a heavier GPU budget, this is ideal for best "bang for the buck".
Yes. But the i5-23xx series really aren't any better than overclocked Phenom II x4 Black Editions. Thei5- 2300s are actually worse. Considering Phenom IIs even with an aftermarket CPU cooler to overclock are substantially cheaper than them, you might want to consider that option. Or spend a couple more bucks and get the i5-2400. Thats a little more comfortably out of reach from AMD's offerings.

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+1, I couldn't agree more

However, I would recommend the i5 3450>i5 2400 considering it's very small price difference :)

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