Question Will this HP Envy screen work as HP Omen replacement?


Aug 31, 2017
Had a friend that broke her HP Omen 17- w295nr screen and she bought a replacement HP envy screen she thought would work. Upon reading I can't find anything that says that this screen will work, not sure why she bought it first without asking me but want to double check she got the wrong one.

Computer she has:

Screen she bought as replacement:
There's no way for anyone here to verify it one way or the other. If you've already removed the broken screen from the Omen you can check a couple of points. Look at the cable connector (laptop LED screens typically have either a thin 30-pin or wider 40-pin connector which obviously arenot cross-compatible) and the physical form factor.

The link provides no info as to the resolution (I'd assume for a new 17 inch it's at least 1080p) or other details. Ultimately, as long as the cable and physical form factor fit there's one way to find out for sure. If something doesn't fit, it's clearly not going to work.

The best way to proceed is to first remove the broken screen, check the part number of the panel itself and look for a compatible replacement.
Also, I'd advise removing the laptop's battery particularly to connect the new screen. Even if the unit isn't on just having the battery in might cause a short at that point! Plugging in an incompatible screen with the same pin connector probably won't damage anything else in my experience; the screen probably just won't display correctly or at all.