Question Will this laptop support higher size and speed RAM?

Mahesh Abnave

Apr 21, 2013
I bought Lenovo S145 15IIL laptop (model 81W800FLIN).
It comes with 8GB soldered RAM which seem to run at 2666 MHz.
The processor is 1031G1 which seem to support 64GB @ 3200 MHz.
Lenovo says max 12 GB is supported. But some people have upgraded above 12 GB too.
For example in this video it is shown to work with 20GB RAM.
Will adding 16GB RAM (total 24GB) work? Possibly at higher data rate? Or I have to stick to data rate of 2666MHz or lower?
You have soldered 4gb 2666 ram that can not be changed.
You have a slot with a 4gb module installed.
To upgrade the capacity, which I think is a good idea, you will need to remove the 4gb module and replace it with one of higher capacity.
That would be up to 16gb, giving you a total of 20gb.
All ram must be run at the same speed. Since your current 4gb is 2666, there is no sense in adding ram capable of higher speed, it will run at the base 2666 regardless.
Not a negative since intel is largely insensitive to ram speed.
While the processor itself will support more and faster ram, it is the motherboard used that determines the maximums.
You can't change that.
Adding a 16gb module will let you run in flex mode.
That is where 8gb of the 20 will run in dual channel mode, and the odd 12gb will be in single channel mode.
That is still good. More ram will usually trump faster ram anyway.
I bought from here. It states 8GB soldered RAM. So was asking where buying 16GB more, making it 8+16 = 24 GB work or not? Especially when the crusial page says 20GB RAM is max.
If you look at the specs you linked, it says 4gb soldered ram Plus 4gb sodim.
It is the 4gb that can be replaced.
I suppose you could take the case off and check for yourself. The ram card will have the capacity printed on it.
I think Crucial is correct at 20gb.