Will this motherboard be compatible with my Dell Dimension 5150


May 15, 2012
Will an Intel DQ965CO microBTX motherboard (Socket LGA775) be compatible with my old dell dimension 5150?

And if anyone knows, are atx power supplies compatible with btx boards? I can't find any btx psus online :( and the stock psu is only 305 watt which isn't really enough as I'm planning to upgrade and add parts.

For example would this http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/powersupplies/nov-psb750.html
be compatible on the microbtx motherboard?


5150 uses a ribbon cable for the front panel connection that won't be compatible with the Intel board , best to just build a new system

That would be the power button, hard drive and power led, USB and Firewire ports ( if it has firewire ), I think you would want to use those
Unless you want to go deeper into modifying the case and try to add your own