Question Will this motherboard work with this case? (Links in the question)

Feb 17, 2021

This is a different question from my other one.

I'm planning to buy a new motherboard and case, and I was wondering if these would be compatible, e.g. will they fit together?

case - motherboard

If the motherboard isn't compatible with that type of case, what case is with that motherboard? Thanks!

Any help would be appreciated 🙂
motherboard claims it fits most ITX cases. Size: 19 * 17 * 4cm / 7.5 * 6.7 * 1.6in(as listed in product info).
case is a mATX. 15" x 9.06" x 15.24".

this appears to be a rather generic motherboard for a higher price than expected. i would be searching for something from a more well known\trusted manufacturer(ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock, etc).

i would look for a more trusted brand and just compare dimensions to what the case you end up choosing can accommodate. any case's manufacturer product site\page should state what the max board size it fits is.