Will this oven run in my apartment?


Dec 10, 2014
Hey guys -

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question but here I go.

So my wife and I are thinking of purchasing Cadco's XAFT-03HS-LD countertop convection oven. This is its spec : 208-240 Volts / 3300 Watts / 14 Amps / Single Phase / 60Hz / NEMA 6-20P Plug

I live in Chicago downtown apartment and based on information on the fuse box, I have 120/240v outlet (I think this means I have 110-120v outlet from the wall). That being said, will my oven work if I buy 5000w voltage transformer (step-up/down)? Some say yes, and some say no I need to do a 'circuit break' which will cost a lot more money...

Please let me know if anyone has any insight over this matter!

Thanks all!

This is the particular transformer I am looking at:


I would suggest you checking with the property manager to see if such is allowed in the terms of lease/residence.

That thing is going to pull a pretty good tug, and without knowing more about the wiring and age of these apartments you could cause serious issue up to and including a fire.

I would contact an electrician if such is allowed, and get a professional opinion. I am only an internet professional ;)
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Many facilities (dorms, offices, apartment buildings) do indeed prohibit such high wattage appliances. Space heaters for example

If my "google" was correct that Cadco's XAFT-03HS-LD countertop convection oven is a commercial oven.

Most likely the electrical codes will require a separate circuit and circuit breaker for just that device. Especially in a home/residential environment.

Seconding @punkncat : Property Manager approval and a qualified electrician to inspect the current electrical connections from main panel, through sub-panels and right to to the intended host outlet.

Any electrical problems or defects along that path could lead to a very bad ending.....