Will this pc be any good for gaming?


Jul 10, 2012
looking to get into PC gaming from console gaming. I am wondering if this PC will be any good for gaming?


i am going to put a evga 570 in it for the gpu. Looking to play games like Battlefield 3 and if i can on high with decent fps. (anything will be better than the 30fps thats on consoles. from what i've been told i will need to sli to get steady 60+fps on ultra but like i said im just looking for more than 30fps. hopefully 45-60.
That is a good price assuming you get all 4 rebates in on time and you get your $70 back. The only part I am not fond of is that 650W Ultra PSU. But to each their own. Slap a 570 in there and you are set. Even better a 670!

You won't see Ultra settings in BF3 with a 570. Mostly high at 60FPS, it still looks amazing. With a 670 you will see Ultra settings. Just set it to Auto and it does a good job of doing the config for you. (probably the only game I ever seen this work well in) On a PC you want 60FPS. On a console it regulates the 30FPS, but on a PC you want to match your screen refresh rate, which is usually 60 unless you have a 120Hz display.

PS, welcome to PC gaming. It look WAY better on this side of the woods.