Will This Play BF3 On Med/High Settings?

Well, HD 7770 is around 20% faster than HD 7750 and costs within 5% of it. It's sure worth it. Other than that, your rigs are identical.


Oct 21, 2012
Check out my sig. Pretty similar just an extra 100mhz of cpu clock and the 7770 is about 25% better. I run most of my games on high. You should be fine on medium. Besides even low settings on BF3@1080p look better than a console xD. Directx 11 rocks.

I struggled with a Q9550 (w/6GB ram) until I shut down all extraneous processes, it was little stutters and stalls, but only only on 64player tdm, this was with a GTX470, it went away when i upgraded to a 3570k through sysprep so the software was all the same. On smaller maps or less densely populated maps there was no problem. CPU usage was 95-100%.

from an FPS standpoint I was getting either 55-60 (med ish settings) or 0 for short periods of time.