Will this PSU be overkill?

Here is my current system (except for the PSU, which I am considering buying). My current PSU is a Thermal Master 500W, and I assume it is of very low quality, and I have been using it for about 4 years.


I wanted to get a quality PSU, since I have this computer on for about 12 hours per day. No overclocking, no gaming. Some video work, and internet browsing.

PCPartpicker calculates my wattage at 238W, and I really can't find a Tier 1 or 2 PSU that is around 350W.
That looks like a pretty good value. I forgot to mention I was looking for a semi-modular, since I don't have too many components in my rig, and wanted to reduce the number of unused cables inside. Also, the one I had in my PCPartpicker list was 80+Gold. Does that really matter?
I went with the Seasonic 450W PSU from SuperBiiz. Also ordered the RAM I had in my PCPartpicker build. Could have gone for 16GB, as that is the most my MB supports, but didn't want to put too much money in a "dead" DDR3 platform. I only occasionally had issues with my existing 4GB of RAM, so the 8GB should be enough.
Received the Seasonic G 450 yesterday and installed it in the PC this morning. Install went pretty smoothly, although I did have to remove the 2 HDD's that mount vertically behind where the removable side case panel is in order to get my hands in there to unplug the old 24 pin cable and install the new one.

The only thing I am a little disappointed with is the cable management. I could not route the 24 pin connection behind the motherboard. I removed the rear side panel of the case and there is a narrow void between the panel the motherboard attaches to and the rear side panel, but since the 24 pin connection's wires were all bundled together with a sleeve, it was too thick to put the rear side panel back on without really forcing it. On my old PSU, the 24 pin connection's wires were not sleeved, so I was able to fan them out so they were pretty flat.

Also, one of the sata cables supplied came with 4 sata connections spaced out about 5 inches apart. I had planned to use that single cable to connect both HDDs and my CD/DCV writer, but since the CD/DVD writer is up near the top of the case, and the HDDs are on the side and closer to the bottom of the case, I couldn't figure how to use that single cable, so I ended up using a separate sata cable for the CD/DVD writer. If the HDDs were mounted in a drive bay underneath the CD/DVD writer in a normal configuration, the sata cable with the 4 sata connections may have worked.

I do have a larger case in my closet that houses an old LGA 775 build that is obsolete, so if I feel ambitious someday I may try using that.


Here is a photo of the inside of my case with the Seasonic installed and the 2 HDDs mounted on the side: