Will this PSU work or not?


Jun 25, 2004
I tried to use an Aspire 550 Watt psu in the machine I just gave my son. Problem is this PS has the regular 20 pin connector and the 4 pin 12v connector as well. However the MB. only has the one 20 pin input. I put the new PSU in and I get nothing. MB lights up but power doesn't come on when I press the on switch. I think I may have to go back to the original Enermax 350 watt PSU that came with the case. Is this so???

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Doesn't sound right, but I could be wrong. That four pin connector just supplies power to the CPU on boards that require it. I take it the PSU does turn on when you ground pin 14? Try that, make sure you have the right pins, my MB manual has them listed backwards and upside down.

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No, you don't need to use the ATX12v power connector to make the power supply work. Either the thing is defective or you've done something else to your sons computer, like unhooking the power switch.

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