Question Will this setup work ?

Oct 16, 2020
I think ive researched as much as I can to check this set up will work but i need an actual person to confirm it for me if they can. My son wants our old pc and I mean old it was bought to play modern warfare yonks ago up to todays gaming so ive been looking. For a minute I was going to keep the motherboard then update it at xmas for him. so basically will this build blow up on me?

Motherboard is a: gigabyte m68m-s2p rev 1.0
AMD athlon 64x2 dual (pretty poor by todays standards)
Nvidia GTX Titan X (I'd like to get the 12g but im not 100% sure itll run.
DDR3 8g-1600 mhz (the board has ddr2 but from what i can make out a ddr3 has the potential to work).
240gb SSD

Like i say im hoping to get it basic running, games like fortnite and the newer cods for now and then upgrade the motherboard and cpu for xmas for him.
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