Jun 29, 2009
Hi, I am new to the community and looking for some expert feedback its members.

Okay, to the point. I have been running an awful Dell for the pat six years
barely scraping by in the games I do play and at this time what it can play is
almost unplayable. So I am building a new system to last me roughly the same amount of time with minimal upgrades. I am using IBuyPower to build it since I know nothing about building my own (though I hear it's easy, I like warrentees). So I will copy and paste the major parts and hopefully get some feedback on potential upgrades or downgrades/fixes.

-AZZA Fantom 900 Gaming Tower Case

-750 Watt -- Corsair CMPSU-750TX Power Supply

-Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9550

-Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooling Fan System

-eVGA Nvidia nForce 780i SLI Chipset w/7.1 Sound

-4 GB [2 GB X2] DDR2-800 PC6400


-500 GB HARD DRIVE [Serial-ATA-II, 3Gb, 7200 RPM, 16M Cache]

-LG 22X Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive

-Onboard Sound

-ASUS 22" Widescreen VH222H TFT LCD Monitor 16:9 Full HD 1080P /w Built in Speakers

-Vista Home Premium 64bit

For all intents and purposes this is pretty much for gaming, and I know I could get great performance out of a cheaper everything but again I want this to last and play anything on high(at one point I have had to play CoD4 at 640x480 res with everything turned off in a config). I have looked up a lot of things on my own like comparisons and what not but not total comparison so this is what I am hoping for. My budget is under 1500 and this comes close with shipping. Thanks for any advice in advance.
nVidia chipset motherboards have a poor reputation compared to intel chipset mb's . Only use that board if you are going to add a second gfx card in SLI
Even then you'd be better off with and intel chipset mb that could crossfire two ati gfx cards .

The other issue is that intels socket 775 is coming to an end .
Soon there will be no more ... just left overs .

Consider buying a Phenom quad system . It will be cheaper and free up some cash for a stroger gfx card now . It will also game better .
Yeah, nVidia based motherboards suck.
With your budget, defiantly go with an i7 based system.

Take a look at this configuration:

Intel i7 920: $280
Noctua NH-U12P: $75
6Gb DDR3 1600: $80*
2x 4870 1Gb's in CrossFire: $300
ASUS VH222H: $150*
WD Black 1Tb Hd: $100
Samsung SATA DVD/RW: $28
AZZA Fantom Case: $60*
Corsair 750w PSU: $100*
Windows 7: Free

Total: $1413*
*after MIR

This will give you a much more powerful and long lasting system built on high quality components.
Assembling it yourself a very easy, almost foolproof, endeavor and there are about a million guides on how to do it.
It will save you a load of $ and give you a faster system.
You do not have to worry about loosing a warranty either, everything inside the box will have its own warranty.


Jun 29, 2009
I really appreciate the fast responses. I also appreciate the advice to buy straight from NewEgg and build it myself but I am still not sure I want to go that route even with the guides and all I'd be paranoid about screwing something up. I still have ~1 month to decide so for what was suggested is Crossfire worth that extra 150? Isn't Windows 7 still in beta? Is i7 and DDR3 worth it now and how soon in the future is it going to not be overkill?

Actually after poking around IBuyPower again and again trying to build something around your specifications it's apparent to me that building it myself would be more assuring because half of the items on IBP do not even specify any brand/what not. I'll be back several times trying to hash out what is going to be my best option and mention if my price ranged has fallen. Thanks again.