Will this video card fit my mobo?


Mar 13, 2010
this is my mobo which in the reviews people complained of larger video cards covering 3 or even all 5 sata ports (using L shaped didnt help in most cases) So I want to get a video card for nice graphics but I obviously dont want a card that will cover my sata ports. this is supposedly short and my first choice does anyone know if it will work?

If not I am pretty sure the hd 4670s are supposed to be rather small... just not as nice. Oppinions or suggestions would be welcome! :)
The card is 8.2" and the motherboard width is 9.5" which means you'd have a good 1.3" to work with. I looked at the picture and those SATA ports look like they take up less than 1.3" so I think you will be fine lengthwise.

Even if you aren't, the cooler of the card doesn't extend very far and the PCB itself is very thin. If it were to extend that far (which it won't), it would only block the top SATA port. You'll be fine. I can see a 5850 with it's own cooler (the kind where it extends all the way to the end of the PCB) covering 3 of them.

The 4670 would be too much of a downgrade for consideration if you are looking in the 5770 range. What do you need the card for?
The answer to your question is yes. The Powercolor Radeon HD 5770 video card is a short card that was actually designed to fit inside small form factor (sff) cases. You should not have any problems.

The light blue colored PCI-e slot will actually be above most of the SATA ports on the motherboard anyway.