will this video card fit?

so i have a HP G1 400 mt (so mid tower) heading my way. and ive found a great deal on an asus gtx 680 directcu ii.

i dont have the case or gpu physically yet so i cant just measure them. the gpu measures 11.8" x 5.1" x 2.3". what do yall think the odds are that ill be able to cram it in somehow.

not look for suggestions on other options, i know any other mini card would be easier.

*edit* microtower not midtower. and i have a suitable power supply for it.



From looking online I see that "MT" stands for "microtower", not mid tower. I didn't see the case dimensions, but I did see it comes with only a 300W PSU. I don't see a 680 working well in there. Small case, small PSU, not going to work well at all.