Jan 10, 2012
Just looking for a external way to have all my harddrive in one enclosure
is what im looking at buying and setting it up in a jbod cuz it currently has files on the drive since i have a 810 switch and its full of water cooling stuff i would connect it via esata to my motherboard would that work i have asrock extreme 3 gen 3 board or would i have to use the included card

any better suggestions so i can have all my drives seperate from my system thanks
You would need to use the card. It supports "Port Multiplier," which allows up to five SATA drives to be controlled by one SATA port. An SATA port that does not support Port Multiplier will not be able to see all of the drives.

Keep in mind that you are limited to the speed of one SATA connection shared among all of the drives in that box. And it may be noisy.