Will this work well?


Aug 28, 2011
Hello , I dont know too much about this stuff but I mostly play MMORPGs like world of Warcraft and was recommended this desktop tower, and I found a nice card in my budget, can anyone tell me if this desktop will be able to run with graphics card smoothly? If not can anybody give me any suggestions for a nice desktop + graphics card that will run MMORPGs at pretty good settings for 750$ total ( card + desktop)

desktop :


Thanks..and sorry if I linked two things totally incompatible with each other.....im new at this
It will run but not with maximum settings. How about building one yourself ? Also i can't find what PSU it has. When you buy this one you also pay for the hd6450 while you never use it. Also it will probably have a cheap underpowerd psu so if you want a real high end video card it won't be enough and you have to buy that one also new. Throwing away money in the end.
* Well you could build you own.

* The 6850 is a good card for the $, but running WoW on that GPU wouldn't do it justice.

* The 6450 GPU that comes with the Dell system doesn't require a PCI-e power connector from the PSU, so I'm not sure you would have a PCI-e power connector for the 6850 GPU. There might be one, but I need to research it a bit more.

* What resolution will you be playing under?