Will Titan run Crysis 3 maxed out with new drivers?

lord hircine

Jan 4, 2013
I heard the gtx titan can't even run crysis 3 maxed out on a 1920x1080 monitor at 60 fps. Will the new drivers coming for the titan solve this problem eventually? Planning on buying a titan once it hits 800 bucks but don't really wanna waste 800 for a card that can't even run crysis 3 maxed out on 1080p with 60 fps. Thanks


There no single card that can max out Crysis 3 except the Titan even so why on earth would you pay that rip off price just to max out one single game that doesn't sound well thought out or very smart imo.


Dec 12, 2007
In order to be helpful, here is what my test shows.

Crysis 3, 1 Titan, all settings maxed (including blur), 1920 x 1200 with one variable, aliasing: anti-aliasing processed at MSAA 8x and, frame rate never dropped below 29 frames per second; anti-aliasing processed with SMAA2TX and, then, frame rates never dropped below 57 frames per second. Both tests were perfectly smooth, no stuttering, etc.

Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 9 April 2013


Sep 26, 2010
If you don't use 8xMSAA, a Titan can run crisis 3 at 40-60 fps at that resolution if you overclock it to 1100MHz Core/6.8 Ghz memory (which is a very low overclock and you don't need to change voltage or anything at all). Use other method of AA such as FSAA or TXMSAA to achieve similar image quality as MSAA without the heavy fps drop if you want.

Other than that, there is no other single GPU that can surpass a Titan. There is single video card (dual GPU solution) that can achieve slightly higher (10% average) than a single Titan such as GTX 690 or Asus Ares II or the upcoming dual GPU AMD HD 7990, all of which are equally expensive if not more expensive than a Titan and they will have much higher frame time variance (feels like the game is not as smooth).

These dual GPUs solutions are all subjective to SLI/CF issue ie if the games don't support it you won't get a good scaling ie you will have some where between 0% increase in performance (for games that have poor SLI/CF scaling) to 100% scaling (for games that fully support SLI/CF).

The downside is that you can actually purchase 2 GTX 670 or HD 7970 and SLI/Crossfire them (if space/airflow is adequate inside your case) to achieve the same fps as the dual GPU card mentioned above for cheaper price. The stutters/high frame time variance (especially the AMD cards) will be much more obvious but that's the trade off for having 2 GPU instead of single GPU like the Titan.


May 3, 2012

because all the new games are following suit metro last light and even tombraider crunches GPUs also for 1080p you need 3gb video ram minimum or you wont be maxing anything. as a reference from what I understand the new consoles come with 8gb vram and crisis 3 is using well over 2 when you max it out. my 2 680s oc'd @ 1150 (2gb) cant manage 60fps consistently and I think you'll need roughly twice the power to never drop below 60 fps although the fact that vram usage is constantly being maxed out might have something to do with it. in any event crisis 3 is only the beginning and you'll want to be running it smoothly because all the new games for the next 4 -6 years will be at roughly the same standard. oh and 4k will become mainstream during this period so 12gb of vram is a good estimate of what you'll need for a game like crisis 3 to max out at this resolution

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