Will TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 be compatible with Comcast?


May 11, 2015
Hello Forum,

I'm looking to purchase a new router for my home, 4300 sq ft with basement. Due to the crappy modem-router wifi signal I have from comcast, the Arris TG862, I have decided to buy a router to place in bridge mode. Can anyone tell me if the TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 is compatible and able to be bridged? My old netgear router from way back when is apparently not compatible. Also, how is the range on NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900? Also, is there a general tutorial on how to bridge?
I'm a rookie with networking stuff, so if there's any other router you guys recommend that would be great.

Thanks very much
I assume you mean you are going to keep the arris and you want to place the other device behind it to use the wireless radios not the router part of the new device.

Neither of the routers you list can be directly connected to a coax connection coming into the house to allow you to replace the arris.

Pretty much any device can be used as a AP. (ie bridge). You will even find youtube video of how to use a router as a AP. Some devices have a special option that sets it to AP mode but that is just one way to accomplish it.

You will not find a huge difference in the range of the devices. Most brand name routers transmit very close to the legal maximum power and that is the key factor that influences range. The reason you see so much difference of opinion is people houses make far more difference than some slight difference in routers. There is also huge variations in the end devices being used and that is half the wireless connection.

802.11ac although faster tends to have less range because it only runs on 5g and 5g does not penetrate walls and floors as well.