Question Will turning the gpu on without other parts damages it?

Jan 13, 2023
What happens if the gpu is powered but the other parts are not (mb, cpu,etc— Only the gpu)?

Will it damage the gpu or is there some failsafe that prevents the damage from happening?

I have a mining rig with multiple gpu that uses 2 psu. What happens if the psu that is connected to the motherboard dies and the psu that is connected only to the gpus is not?

Its like giving electricity to something that shouldn't be turned on.

I know that there’s a trick to turn off both psus in case one went out but I would like to know the answer

For those wonder why I ask the question:
I live in a place that has multiple power lines with one of the lines capped at 450Watt and the other 1200Watt, so I'm using two psu. I cannot simply modify it because the owner told me to use it as it is.

thank you. sorry for the bad English, I’m using my limited knowledge and google translate :)
The card will still power on, but it'll be stuck in its own boot ROM because there's nothing for it to talk to. It'll also likely remain a low power mode because I believe PCIe devices have to negotiate with the PCIe root controller (e.g., the CPU) to go into a higher power state.
its like this
if you have one psu feeding mainboard and another psu feeding gpu
when turning mainboard psu first, gpu gets locked due to not enough power
when turning gpu psu first, nothing should happen as bios rom isnt even powered (its fed from pcie slot), even if there is 12v power available, gpu doesnt know what to do with it, its brain is dead (no power from pcie slot)